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Secure, monitored patient experience that builds patient trust

Why use iWantGreatCare?

  • Transparently demonstrate to your patients (and colleagues) that you are open, aware and focused on patient experience

  • Manage your online reputation by having a single, trusted location where patients can find out about the care you provide

  • Build a career-long record of patient comments which can be used for revalidation


  • Free of charge

  • Safe and secure, every comment monitored for your protection

  • Simple to report inappropriate reviews or add an online response

  • Real-time reporting of all patient comments which can be used as evidence for revalidation

You will receive

  • An online account to manage your iWantGreatCare profile

  • Ability to personalise your profile page with your photo, speciality and place of work

  • A unique web-page url to direct patients straight to your page to leave feedback

  • Option to respond to feedback through your online account

  • Access to promotional materials to engage your patients

Q & A

  1. How do I get my patients to give me feedback?

    There are many ways to build a large, diverse and accurate assessment of your patients’ experience. Different approaches work in different care settings and for different patient groups:

    1. At the end of each consultation ask your patient (or their relatives) to go to iWantGreatCare and provide their feedback by simply searching for your name. Patients like being asked for their opinion and it demonstrates that you are focused on their needs. Further ideas about how to ask for feedback can be viewed here.

    2. Print reminder cards (available from the download section of your online account) and give one to each patient enabling them to go directly to your page. Some clinicians find it best to ask receptionists to give a card to every patient.

    3. Add your personal iWantGreatCare web-address to clinic letters or appointment cards.

    4. Ask the team how you can add a “review widget” into any existing webpage, Facebook page or other site you have. It updates in real-time when new reviews are added.

  2. What do I do if I work from a number of locations?

    If you work in various locations you can add each location to your profile through your online account. By including your multiple places of work your patients will be able to review you accurately.

  3. How do I use this as part of my appraisal/revalidation?

    Clinicians already use patient feedback as part of routine annual assessments and formal appraisals. By asking your patients to rate and review you on iWantGreatCare, you can download and print out a PDF containing all your feedback.

  4. Why did you create iWantGreatCare?

    To help patients get great care and to help clinicians give great care. Satisfied patients will be able to thank clinicians and alert other patients to excellent clinicians who give great care. iWantGreatCare highlights what a great job the vast majority of clinicians do, and makes it easy for clinicians to show that they are open, willing and keen to have honest feedback from all their patients.

    iWantGreatCare will make sure UK patients have a great service for providing feedback on clinicians - run by professionals totally focused on quality healthcare and improving patient outcomes. Sophisticated systems are in place designed to prevent abuse or gaming of the system (by clinicians or patients!) and active monitoring is in place 24 hours a day to rapidly respond to any inappropriate or dishonest use.

  5. Is the experience of other patients a valid tool to help people find great care?

    It is clear that patients' ratings of their experiences predict those clinicians who deliver good clinical outcomes, and healthcare providers that are safe and effective. Being able to read reviews and ratings of a clinician’s personal style and skill in communication helps patients choose the professional most suited to their personal preferences.

    Published studies showing that ratings and reviews from patients predict great care:
    Ratings from patients on independent, commercial websites are highly significantly correlated with the quality of the hospital

  6. How do you prevent abuse of the system?

    iWantGreatCare uses a range of automated, statistical and technical solutions to detect spurious or malicious ratings and reviews, as well as to prevent campaigning and multiple reviews. Clinicians and patients are encouraged to report reviews that might not be genuine.

    iWantGreatCare has a low threshold for removing any review that might not be genuine.

    These systems have proven to be highly effective, ensuring that iWantGreatCare is the most trusted site for reviews of UK healthcare - both patients and clinicians trust it as an impartial, moderated, professional resource to capture and share patient experience.

  7. What about clinicians trying to cheat the system?

    Evidence of professional misconduct will always be reported to the relevant professional body.

  8. I've had a bad review, what can I do?

    Hundreds of thousands of reviews have been made by patients through iWantGreatCare and the overwhelming majority of them are positive.

    Abusive comments are rare - partly because patients have to provide a validated email address to add a review. iWantGreatCare has developed a multi-layered security system which deploys automated, statistical and technical solutions to detect spurious or malicious ratings, as well as to prevent campaigning and multiple reviews.

    Occasional negative comments are received and many people find this feedback helpful in highlighting an area for improvement. It is also possible to report feedback which may be of concern directly from the site.

  9. How do I know that the patient remembers me?

    When you register, you are provided with a unique URL that takes patients directly to your individual page. Through your online account you are able to customise this page with an image, short description of yourself and where you work. This information helps a patient recognize you and ensure they are reviewing the correct clinician.

  10. Is it possible to respond to feedback left

    Yes, it is possible to respond to individual feedback left through your account. Your response displays next to the patient feedback on your surgery’s public profile page.

  11. Does iWantGreatcare have data protection registration?

    iWantGreatCare has had full registration with the Information Commissioner since 2008, registration number Z1387794, and processes and systems are in place to ensure full compliance. Data security and protection are of highest importance to iWantGreatCare.

  12. Can you guarantee confidentiality of patients who use the service?

    iWantGreatCare only collects a very limited amount of data about users of the service. The only personally identifiable information collected from a patient is their email and IP address. This is used during the review moderation process and is necessary to validate reviews. This information is only collected when a user adds a review and is not published to the website. Any personally identifiable information is kept securely in the iWantGreatCare database.

Nurse Revalidation

iWantGreatCare makes collecting patient feedback simple, continuous and free!

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With the inception of professional nurse revalidation, we saw an obvious opportunity for our nurses and therapists to receive personal practice related feedback. We wanted to direct our service users to provide their feedback in a safe and regulated way.

Our methodology for capturing service user feedback on their experience continues to grow and has had really positive impact on continual quality improvement and professional accountability.
Liz MoulandChief Nurse, First Community Health and Care